My First Mentoring Program

I never thought I’d be a part of a mentoring program.

I’ve always wanted a mentor although I wasn’t really sure what we would do. Forming good relationships has always been a pestering weakness of mine. Interaction. Communication. I’ve always been afraid. I thought maybe having a mentor would give me the opportunity to come out of my shell if even just a little bit. I know it will be uncomfortable. It may even be painful. But I persevere in life with this thought in mind – ‘If it is truly good (in the purest sense of the word) then it is worth it. And if it is worth it then don’t give up. Never give up.’

YCDI has continually been a blessing in my life and I look forward to many more months to come. I’m not sure if our time together will go further than that but I look forward to every moment.

Now, let’s look at the journey I’ve traveled thus far.

LAUNCH     April 2018

Butterflies. My belly was full of them the day before and the day of the launch. I was so excited to meet anyone and to start something new. I didn’t know what to expect but I hoped maybe desperately that change would come. I hope that I won’t miss this opportunity as well and end up regretting it. Gabrielle Higgins, you can do this.


On this day I put more though into the backstory of developing a website. I realized that without purpose there is no direction. It is better to do nothing than to move blindly because you may end up further away from your destination. The chance of success is too low to risk it. Risk smartly. But still know that a risk is a risk.


June 12,  2018. I was in a really good mood on this day. Not only because I’d finally meet my mentor but also because a that time in South Korea it would be BTS’ 5th anniversary. I’ve watched them grow as a team and as a family and I can’t help but admire them. Of course they didn’t always work as well together as they do today. They themselves have admitted to this. But through continual perseverance they bonded together to become a family. And so on this day I was happy that I too would start on a journey to develop a new relationship. It will not be easy. But it will be worth it.

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